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Universal Park Equipment

At Tymor Park, three Arlington High School Seniors chose for their senior capping project to build a piece of universally accessible playgroup equipment. Sidney Scoralick, the student leader of this group provided us with this reason behind their decision:

“Working on this project was very personal for me, as the inspiration behind it was my little sisters. Both of my sisters are differently abled, with one of them being legally blind. On many occasions when it has come to family outings, my family has had to think differently. So when my senior project rolled around, it was a very easy decision for me to make; I wanted to provide more families with more inclusive opportunities. While our project may not reach the masses, I hope that the idea of it does. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the community, but it does take everyone being aware.”

Congratulations to Sidney Scoralick, James Ryan and Ulises Olmedo. Special thanks to  their teacher Kimberly Sweck, Arlington High School, Teacher-Engineering and Cameron Tuller, a junior at the time, who helped  the team with the physical construction of the project.