Janine Fitzmaurice

Coordinator of Children with Special Needs Services

Ages birth through 5 years old

(845) 486-3518


Dana Hopkins

Coordinator of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services

Ages 5 years through adulthood

(845) 486-2766


Deborah Disanza

Coordinator of Children’s Services and Children’s POA Coordinator

(845) 486-2768


Toni-Marie Ciarfella. Ph.D.

Deputy Commissioner for Special Needs

(845) 486-3434


If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance please contact 911

Crisis Counseling, Support, Information & Referrals

Dutchess County HELPLINE 

Toll free: (877) 485-9700

Stabilization Center

(845) 485-9700

NY State Central Register for Child Abuse 


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Ramapo for Children

 Founded in 1922, Ramapo for Children is built around the simple belief that all people want the same things: to learn, feel valued and experience success.

Our mission is two-fold:

1) To keep young people from being relegated to the margins of their schools, programs, families or communities because of challenging behaviors, cognitive disabilities or other differences; and

2) To teach adults how to create environments in which young people facing challenges can align their behaviors with their aspirations.

We do this by offering the adults in their lives a new lens through which to view challenging behaviors, and presenting a set of techniques and tools that, when mastered, enable adults to meet young people’s needs and create environments in which all young people can thrive.

Ramapo’s unique approach to promoting skill acquisition, positive behavioral change, learning and personal growth is codified in the practical skills and strategies that make up our Toolbox for Creating Environments that Support Success. This approach is at the foundation of all of Ramapo’s direct service and training programs, which collectively serve 25,000 people each year through workshops, coaching, retreats, summer camp experience, and a transition-to-independence program.




22 Camp Ramapo Road, Rhinebeck, New York 12572
Phone: (845) 876-8403


49 W. 38th St. Fl. 5 New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 754-7003

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