Janine Fitzmaurice

Coordinator of Children with Special Needs Services

Ages birth through 5 years old

(845) 486-3518


Dana Hopkins

Coordinator of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services

Ages 5 years through adulthood

(845) 486-2766


Deborah Disanza

Coordinator of Children’s Services and Children’s POA Coordinator

(845) 486-2768


Toni-Marie Ciarfella. Ph.D.

Deputy Commissioner for Special Needs

(845) 486-3434


If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance please contact 911

Crisis Counseling, Support, Information & Referrals

Dutchess County HELPLINE 

Toll free: (877) 485-9700

Stabilization Center

(845) 485-9700

NY State Central Register for Child Abuse 


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Need Help?

Dutchess County HELPLINE

Dutchess County HELPLINE serves all people of all abilities and ages in Dutchess County.

Talk or Text to (845) 485-9700 and toll free  (877) 485-9700

HELPLINE is a number you can call or text when you feel or you are worried about someone that needs help with:

  • making the first appointment for addiction counseling or
  • rehabilitation services or
  • mental health treatment.

If you are feeling like you want to take your own life, feeling that you can’t cope or being bullied we can help.

We provide support, resources and care to help you on your path to recovery.